A faster, more efficient way to do right-of-way

Roway is a simple, efficient, and secure web-based right-of-way permitting that saves you time and headaches so you can spend more time helping your city be great. 93% of all permit applications through Roway are approved without additional documentation or contact needed. Here’s how Roway improves your current process:

  • User searches your site for application
  • User downloads PDF application and fills it out
  • User emails, faxes, or mails PDF application
  • City official struggles to review illegible application
  • City contacts applicant for additional docs
  • User sends more docs, possibly still incomplete
  • City official approves permit, waits for payment
  • User quickly completes all parts of the permit application and pays online
  • City official reviews and approves the permit
  • The permit is issued with no additional communication needed

The only right-of-way permitting application

Improve your permitting process with Roway

  • Easy setup
  • Custom application - tailored to your city's needs
  • Automatic reminders - never miss a deadline