A faster, more efficient way to do right-of-way

Roway is a simple, efficient, and secure web-based right-of-way permitting that saves you time and headaches so you can spend more time helping your city be great. 93% of all permit applications through Roway are approved without additional documentation or contact needed. Here’s how Roway improves your current process:

  • User searches your site for application
  • User downloads PDF application and fills it out
  • User emails, faxes, or mails PDF application
  • City official struggles to review illegible application
  • City contacts applicant for additional docs
  • User sends more docs, possibly still incomplete
  • City official approves permit, waits for payment
  • User quickly completes all parts of the permit application and pays online
  • City official reviews and approves the permit
  • The permit is issued with no additional communication needed

The only free right-of-way permitting application

Roway is completely free* for cities to use. Applicants pay a small processing fee for each permit to cover the cost of the application. With no cost to the city, you can skip the long approval cycles and be up and running within a day.

*Paid options are available for cities who don’t want to pass application fees to the user.

Improve your permitting process with Roway

  • Easy setup - get up and running in one day
  • Custom application - tailored to your city's needs
  • Payment processing - securely collect payment online
  • Automatic reminders - never miss a deadline
  • No monthly or annual fees* - applicants pay fees with no cost to the city
* Paid options available depending on your city's needs