Real-Time Mapping

ROWay® integrates online mapping of permit locations with unsurpassed ease of use. Municipalities and right-of-way users benefit from the ability to see permit activities occurring in areas of interest to them. The industry's best data providers continually update both street data and satellite imagery so there is no need to maintain the underlying mapping data.

Mapping Features

Web-based Maps: ROWay® provides residents, contractors, and administrators, with live status updates of all construction projects citywide through a web based mapping utility.

Data Integration: ROWay® captures the latitude and longitude of each permit, and enables you to export all geo data information to a GIS. In this way, mapping benefits are extended far beyond the permitting process.

Mapping benefits

  • Permit Display: View permits by date, permit type, and process step with the 'Permit Overview' map. A range of query options shows what you want to see. For example, choose to display only the permits that are active, or pending closure.
  • Arrange By Type: You can select which types of permits you want to see. For example, show only the excavation or obstruction permits.
  • Communication Tool: Public Mapping provides residents with up to the minute answers to common right-of-way activity questions
  • Project Specifications: The type of permitted work, who is performing it, and how long it will last are easily seen. The integrated mapping is an intuitive and informative means for people to find areas and activities of interest to them.

When used together, the modules of ROWay®, provide a complete right-of-way permitting management tool that speeds the permitting process, helps requirements be clear, and keeps everyone informed.