Web Based Solution

With ROWay® you receive the files required for plan review in notification emails. Files are kept online and integrated with each permit. All information associated with the permit is available from any internet enabled computer.

Web Solution Features

24/7 Online Access: ROWay® is an online collaboration tool for contractors and cities. ROWay® can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Eliminate Paper: Utility companies often print files for submission of permit applications, ROWay® lets you accept and store this information.

Secure Online Document Storage: ROWay® offers you the level of security required while saving your city the expense and effort required to develop, manage, deliver, and back up an online application.

Portal Benefits:

  • Access anytime from anywhere: Need to bring the plans to the site? Print them from ROWay®. On-site but forgot the plans at the office? If you’re connected to the internet you have everything you need.
  • Facilitating approval: Does more than one staff member need to review an application prior to approval? ROWay® gives each person the opportunity to review application information and plans prior to approval. If they have an internet connection, they have access to the permitting