Our Clients/Testimonials

"The amount of time we are spending on permitting has been cut in half to two-thirds since implementing ROWay. The biggest benefit we've seen is the amount of time we have saved each year."

- Nate Briese
Engineering Tech
City of Prior Lake, MN

"The biggest benefit was better customer service to our residents. In the past, I'd have to take their name, number and area of potential work being done in the Right-of-Way, and give them a call back after I shuffled through folders of paper permits and review an excel tracking sheet. Now, I can keep the resident on the phone and review the location map by zooming to the area of concern and select the icon to get a quick overview of the work being done or if the resident wants more detail, then I just type in the permit number for easy retrieval."

-Rebecca Foster
Edina, MN