What is ROWay®?

ROWay® is a Right-of-Way Management System that was designed to create a streamlined solution for planning, coordinating, permitting, analyzing, and communication work in a city's ROW. ROWay® is a web based solution that is designed to save you time and money, and ultimately give you the ability to give great customer service with the ROW permitting process.

ROWay® effectively utilizes current internet technologies and capabilities. ROWay®'s process flow and feature set employs the input of several cities, counties and major utility companies. The result, a web permitting application of significant benefit to today's municipalities, frequent right-of-way users, and the public.

Online Access

ROWay® is an online collaboration tool for contractors and cities. Our solution eliminates the paper application and approval process. ROWay® can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Permitting Application

Typically, contractors must submit a lengthy application to the city for approval of road closures, obstruction, excavation, and block parties. Now, the entire application process can be completed through the use of an online portal. Each contractor is given a unique login (or multiple logins) to both apply for permits and track all information submitted for approval.

Approval Process

Once a contractor has submitted their application for a permit, the city receives an immediate notification. Through the use of ROWay®, the person or team in charge of permit approvals can review all application information, uploaded documents, and track payment in order to determine if a permit is approved. Once the city approves or denies a permit, an automatic notification is sent to the applicant with the status of their application.

Mapping Integration

ROWay® provides real time mapping through integration with Google. Once a project is approved, is in progress, or has been completed, it is viewable through the use of our mapping tool. Municipalities and right-of-way users benefit from the ability to see permit activities occurring in areas of interest to them.


Secure web environment stores ‘AS-BUILTS' and other files online. Security and privacy are concerns whether you subscribe to a SaaS, or purchase software and implement it yourself. ROWay® offers you the level of security you need, while saving your city the expense and effort required to house, deliver, and back up application data.

Beyond Permitting

The need for combining geo data from multiple sources is a pain point for many municipalities. ROWay® captures the latitude and longitude of each permit and enables you to export this information to a GIS system. In this way, mapping benefits are extended far beyond the permitting process.