Benefits to the City, County, or State

ROWay® provides many benefits for a municipality of any size. Typically time is spent filing paper applications which decrease the number of permits that can be approved each year. A typical municipality would receive a request for a permit, fill the application out, type the information, then fax the paperwork back to the contractor, and that is just the beginning of the process. Through the use of ROWay®, your municipality can become more operationally efficient and:

  • Save Time: ROWay® is entirely paperless, enables you to eliminate your current filing system, and decreases administrative time.
  • Increase Efficiency: Provide proficient operations and maintenance.
  • Review Open Permits: Through our online portal you can view all current projects.
  • Serve Your Community: Offer a higher level of satisfaction and customer service by providing up- to-date easily accessible information. This will decrease calls and complaints from the public.
  • Collaborate: Increase cross-departmental collaboration and efficiency.
  • Do More with Less: Handle increased service volumes without additional employees.
  • Track Projects: Ability to strategically plan work in the ROW.