Benefits to the Community

Often when there are road closures, detours, or construction projects in your community, many of the residents do not find out until it is too late. Now with ROWay® they can easily access this information before it negatively impacts their commute.

  • Ease of Use: Instead of calling your local office when they are concerned about a road closure, your community can use ROWay® to avoid disruptions.
  • Easy Access: By simply directing users to ROWay®, residents can access information regarding current closures and detours.
  • Improve Travel Time: Less travel time wasted due to construction or road closures because residents can clearly view what projects are taking place anywhere in the city.

Our web based approach provides right-of-way users anytime-anywhere access to this important public service. For the public, ROWay® is a useful information portal to right-of-way activity.