Why Use ROWay

Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency

How much is your time worth? Each year cities lose large amounts of money due to inefficiencies. ROWay® has become a streamlined solution that saves time and money.

ROWay® saves the both the city, and contractors time. ROWay® frees up a city employee during their day so they are able to be more productive as opposed to dealing with all the steps that a paper application process involves. Contractors benefit from the ease of use and fast turn around times.


  • Accessibility
    • Online portal that is available whenever or wherever you have an internet connection
    • Apply for permits at the Service Desk or 24 hours a day from any internet enabled computer
    • Permit screen provides registrants easy access to the status of their permits
  • Save Time and Money
    • City staff saves significant amount of time on administrative tasks
    • Requirements are clear so compliance is easier
    • Submitted applications are available immediately for consideration
    • Once a permit is approved, the registrant is notified, and can print the permit immediately
  • One System
    • Historically, online receipt of everything needed for permit applications has been difficult
    • Plans, bonds, and as-built ‘files’ were not easily accommodated
    • Now with ROWay®:
      • When an application is submitted, a notification is immediately sent to the approver
      • In that notification are the files submitted with the application
      • Both the application data and supporting information are in your hands - right away
  • Multiple Users
    • Multiple staff members can receive applications, and approval and closure notifications.
    • ROWay® serves as a reliable means for municipal stakeholders to stay current on permitting activity
    • Different levels of employee access can be assigned to each member using the system

The web approach provides right-of-way users anytime-anywhere access to this important public service. For the public, ROWay® is a useful information portal to right-of-way activity.

Why Use ROWay®

ROWay® provides a streamlined process for planning, coordinating, permitting, analyzing, and communicating work in a cities ROW permitting process. A process that traditionally takes days to weeks, can now take a couple hours or even minutes. ROWay® enables cities to utilize a best practice approach to permitting in a low to no IT maintenance cost environment and greatly enhances the service levels provided to both their constituency and commercial entities.